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Licensing terms for use of images and maps by Attila Bertalan

Allowed: All photographs and maps with "©Attila Bertalan 1999 - 2007" that are published under the domain can be published on other Internet sites, in exchange for the placement of a clickable link to my website and inclusion of the copyright.
Sample text: "Image courtesy of".

For the use of my photographs or maps without placing a link to my website, legal rights of use can be acquired. See my contact details below.

Not allowed is the unauthorized publication of my photographs or maps in other media such as print or CD-ROM. Also not allowed is the unauthorized use of my copyrighted images and maps from 2008 (concerning the time all pictures Azores, Cape Verde pictures from my February 2008 and the Cape Verde island maps). For the use of my photographs and maps in print media, on CD-ROMs or other media outside of the internet, object-related usage rights can be acquired. See contact details below. Prices on request.

Also not allowed is the unauthorized use, even in parts, by scanning my printed maps (ISBN 3-934262 -...).

Copyright violations may be prosecuted.

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